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Open Studio Days, Advent aperitif

Studio Guido Lötscher

Lucerne, Switzerland

01, 08 and 15 December 2019

About this exhibition

In the trendy Tribschen district, several three-storey residential studios were created in the Brünighof, which was completed in 2018, to provide an additional creative environment for cultural activities in Lucerne.

In autumn 2018, I moved into my residential studio at Kellerstrasse 24 and have since been showing my work to art enthusiasts on three floors. This means that the works can be viewed both in the studio and in the living environment.  


The residential studio borders directly on the angular building of the Brünighof, which is impressively reminiscent of a ship's bow. The angled course of the rooms created in this way lends the exhibition environment an atmosphere that underlines the character of the colour field and squeegee paintings, and the works have a presence that faces the viewer due to the angled course of the walls.

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