Painting reveals to me a consciousness that liberates and at the same time stimulates my intuition and creative work.

As an autodidact, I came to painting late in life, although the deep passion for oil painting was already pronounced in my teenage years. In the search for my personal artistic language, I have gone through various processes. The confrontation with the overwhelming work of the American painter Mark Rothko finally brought about the move away from figurative painting towards non-objective painting and the «metaphysical» colour field painting.


The challenge here is to unite harmony of colours and forms, spontaneous expression and meditative depth. Ultimately, it is the search for the connection of the sensual with the metaphysical, the creation of an introspective state of consciousness of silence.


In my further artistic development, I have increasingly turned to the informel of the abstract-expressive squeegee technique, in which strong parallels to the «metaphysical» colour field painting can be seen. The aspiration is the same, to create quiet, meditative and at the same time energetic, powerful images that lead to contemplation and enable an inner balance.


Multi-layered applications of paint, scrapings and overlays with squeegees, palette knives and brushes, the intrinsic effect and randomness of colour and form: In the development process of my abstract works, it is primarily the spontaneous and at the same time very thoughtful perception that speaks from within and gradually gives the painting the breath of life.


In the sequence of addition and subtraction with tools and colour, compositions emerge that are often reminiscent of spatial or landscape representations, yet remain non-objective and leave open the free interpretation of individual perception.